We are a GOA (INDIA) based digital studio, WORKinG in a flat world.

We work on UI / UX, Mobile Apps, Web Design, Web Applications and Marketing Communication. We do it with honesty and without pretense.

We have a healthy mix of developers, designers, front end developers and product + communication people. Maybe we qualify for what is often referred to as a Multi Disciplinary team.
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A peek into our work


Impruw is our most ambitious product development project

Being built for the travel accommodation industry in Norway and London, the service is a drag and drop website builder. The service will integrate three aspects of online presence for a hotel or B&B.


UK government's EIS and SEIS schemes

The crowd funding platform for a closed community that accepts only qualified investors and businesses with a valid hmrc status as approved by the UK government.

Seed EIS Platform

Get in Touch

A web app that sits on top of google apps calendar.

Google App Calendar

Minyawns is an exciting product

Minyawns.com is a job listing site to hire University students for small tasks.


Enterprise mobility and within it BYOD

We are absolutely thrilled to work with a team of two Vodafone veterans who came together to build something in this space. The product prototype was built to gauge and garner investor + customer interest.



Outsourced Product Development

We have worked hard at building a team that specializes in product development. We are not UI/UX Consultants and neither are we a team of developers who just code. We manage the complete product life cycle including ideation, wireframing, feature prioritization, UI + UX design, technology stack selection, development and product marketing. It's not a unique model in any way, and has a well accepted term for it: Outsourced Product Development.

Mark Insley,

Managing Director Ascot Wealth Management, London. On his visit to our office in Goa.


World is flat

Startups and early stage product companies are always cash strapped. At the same time, to create anything worthwhile it takes time, effort and resources. Given that our clients are mostly non-funded idea-stage companies, we found it far easier to work with clients based out of the Western Hemisphere. What is low cost for them in London or Seattle is a fairly comfortable budget for us here in Goa, India.

So neither do we have to always cut corners to fit the client's budgets, nor do they have to stretch their budgets to get a team that is passionate about what they are doing. Our favorite story is that of a client who spent more money in getting the logo desgined with a London based branding firm than getting the entire mobile app built with us.

Skype + Screen sharing + Google Docs + task trackers like Asana between them have made it very easy to work with remote teams. Some of our clients (Four to be exact) have flown down to India and spent a week working with us out of our office.

There is a certain joy in building websites and web applictions for the local market and we continue to selectively work with clients across Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa in India.


Technology Stack + Tools

Our technology stack is constantly evolving but here is a list of things that we use often
  • 1Linux Apache MySQL Developer Stack. Some times we replace Apache with Ngnix.
  • 2Backbone.js + Underscore.js and everything else which comes with it so Grunt.js and other javascript libraries.
  • 3Beginning to play with Varnish and Memcache for database
  • 4Linode for hosting.
  • 5Wordpress
  • 6Github for code management
  • 7Mandrill for Email API
  • 8Bootstrap as out HTML + CSS framework
  • 9LESS
  • 10Appcelrator Titanium (We did start out with Sencha but dropped it) for cross platform app development.
  • 11Balsamiq for Wireframing
  • 12SproutSocial for Social Media management.


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A little more on us + Job openings.

We are also buzz word compliant and you can put a check against Agile, startup, flat UI, modern web applications, HTML5, Responsive web design, Remote working and many others.

We are a fast growing team (20 at last count) and looking to add more team members. We don't work off set hiring targets and are always recruiting. We don't make tall claims about wanting to 'hire only the best' and no, you don't need to be a 'ninja' or a 'geek' or an 'expert'.

If you are someone in the software, design, marketing, QA or the communication + copy writing space and want to start a conversation with us, do write in to us at workwithus@ajency.in and do check out our hiring page.